New Monster 24 inch Acetal Copolymer Rod by Gehr Plastics

Gehr Plastics Announces 24 inch Copolymer Acetal Rod

The Worlds largest Acetal Rod is now being extruded by Gehr Plastics. This massive 24 inch rod (600mm) is one of the many performance plastics that Gehr Plastic produces that are the largest in the industry. This would include 8″ thick Acetal plate, 14″ diameter Natural Polypropylene Rod and numerous mechanical plastics in thick sheet and large rod. Read more about Worlds Largest Acetal Rod Here. Huge 600mm, 24 inch Copolymer Acetal Rod

Gehr Plastics continues to be the innovation leader in the plastic sheet and rod industry in size and variety of materials. A main focus has been the largest cross sections of Acetal, including the 8″ thick sheet and 600mm Acetal rod. Other new materials that are in the Gehr Plastics product line include:

  • Black 30% Glass Filled PolyPropylene Rod
  • Black PEEK (Polyetheretherkeytone) Rod
  • Massive 14″ diameter Polypropylene Rod
  • A New HMW Kynar PVDF Rod
  • WearGehr – Extended Wear Acetal FG Rod and Plate
  • A full line of ESD (Electro Static Discharge) Plastic materials

While they have always produced standard items like: ABS, HDPE, Noryl, Nylon, PVC and many more. Read more about the innovation leader Gehr Plastics here.

Topic: Worlds Largest Copolymer Acetal Rod

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  1. Ralph Corman

    August 1, 2016 at 12:45 am

    The 24″ diameter is huge. I don’t know anyone that has a way to cut that large a rod. I see that it comes in a Natural white color, but does it also come in the standard black color?

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