Sporting Goods made from Polyurethane, Polyester and Nylon have changed the style of clothing, in our Life In playing a role. Its representative products are comfortable, soft, flexible design with flexibility and freedom Spandex Elasticity Fiber . In addition to being used for women cosmetic puff, Pantyhose , Socks , It also used for ski jacket, Swim Clothing and so on, its amazing elongation are maximum use. In skiing, yachting and other sporting goods, the polyurethane Paint Its excellent abrasion and weather resistance were selected. With light and full of good wear resistance of rigid foam used for skis and surfboards, etc. core material, with excellent flexibility and abrasion resistance of polyurethane elastomer is used as Sports shoes Soles.

Machined Industrial Grade Plastic Materials

II: Living Products Supplies in the room, the polyurethane application products display their comfort. Polyurethane coating to make Furniture , Piano Etc. Musical Instruments Table Mask A beautiful gloss, plays a strong protective effect. Soft foam cushion to be used as the most commonly used materials and scattered human pressure on the health of Bedding . In Kitchen Products , The rigid foam used in electric Refrigerator Materials such as insulation. And Plastic film Good adhesion of the polyurethane resin is used as Food Package Use Adhesive . Also in Water purifier Sealing materials, diapers and Physiological Supplies and other applications. Harmless to human body in its use of polyurethane elastomer also is expanding. In addition, in our lives, polyurethane Leather , Synthetic Leather , Foam, etc. to be made into bags and shoes and so on, its natural style and durability won praise.

3: Electronic Products Promote the development of electronic industry is the mission of polyurethane. Excellent abrasion resistance and adhesion properties of Polyurethane Adhesive In the audio / video tapes, Computer Use Disk And IC Card Elastomeric molded partsAnd e-Ticket in the manufacturing process, used as a variety of recording media Magnetic Materials The bonding agent to improve recording density. In addition, the polyurethane insulation seal Varnish Was used in the manufacture enameled wire. Ultraviolet (UV) cured polyurethane was made Optical fiber Cable . In recent years, also used in polyurethane adhesive Mobile Phone Print Lines and so on, and continue to be further development and application to meet the requirements of the times.

4: Medical Devices and progress of the medical industry are also contributing. Sabic Ultem 1000 and Ultem 2300 Sheets and RodsMaterials like Sabic Ultem and Polysulfone are excellent choices in the medical product production.  The Sabic Ultem 1000 and Ultem 2300 in sheet and rod are heat resistant, chemical resistant and can be used for products that demand impact and chemical resistance.  Polysulfone is another high end performance plastic that is excellent for medical devices. High heat, little notch sensitivity, chemical resistance and excellent machinability make the Polysulfone a good choice for many instrumentation handles and fittings.

5: Automotive Transport Tool Automotive industry made on the future of automotive comfort, Security Sexual and Energy Polyurethane and other requirements can not be separated. With the roof insulation and sound insulation materials function, with the requirement of automobile seat comfort, noise and vibration barrier quiet space vehicle materials and sealing materials. In addition, there Dashboard , Door , Airbag , Seat Back, Fender , Cut red absorbent, Oil seal No explosion Tire And paint … …. Variety of polyurethane products are used in every corner of the car. In addition, also made of tires Snow chains , Because of its flexibility, durability and damage to road surface characteristics are not taken seriously. In addition, with excellent durability / weather resistance of polyurethane coatings are also used in Motorcycle , Light Rail Tram, the new route and Shipping Etc. Painting .

6: Construction of Civil

In the construction / civil engineering field also exhibits the characteristics of polyurethane. Residential rigid foam insulation as the best material used in walls, floor and roof areas, substantially reducing the supply of heating and cooling load, comply with energy saving. Polyurethane coating also because of its excellent weather resistance, was used for interior decoration Exterior wall paint . In addition, the use of its water resistance, chemical resistance and appropriate flexibility, polyurethane coatings as Hospital , Stadiums and other buildings Floor Coatings , High-rise building And bridges, etc. Anti-corrosion coating . Polyurethane sleepers and also as a buffer between the wood rails, buildings, etc. roof waterproof? Sealed timber and wood adhesives are widely used mobile home application.

Plastic materials can be used in almost any application, and can provide a stronger, lighter material. Plastics are generally corrosion resistant, chemical resistant, require little to no lubrication, and can out last metals for most difficult projects.